Jenna + Muha | Columbia, MD Engagement

I have been dreaming of being the maid of honor in my sister's wedding since I knew what a maid of honor was (...but do I actually really know yet? probably not). 

Folks, the time is coming! On July 1, 2017, I get to stand next to my sister while she gets married. What makes this even more special is that I've gotten to document their engagement so far. I was there hiding behind a couch, snapping away when Muha proposed to her, and in the sweet minutes afterwards where we took their first few engagement photos. 

So, the big question from everyone was and is if I will be doing the wedding photos, and the answer is no! I would have gladly done them, but that maid of honor dream was too big for Jenna and I, and we decided that should be my one job on July 1! But, I did get to do their official engagement photos on a lovely October day, and I'm so excited to share them!

(P.S. Want to know who is doing Jenna's wedding photos?? Her name is Andie Younkin, and you can check her out here. She is amazing and I'm so excited for how beautiful Jenna and Muha's wedding photos will be!)

Here are some favorites from our shoot in Columbia, MD