Mohonk Mountain House Wedding | Upstate New York Wedding | NYC Wedding Photographer

Normally when couples email me about their wedding and it totally lights my soul on fire I at least TRY to keep my cool. I did not do that with Allison. I think I basically responded within three seconds when she told me they were having a Christmas wedding at the Mohonk Mountain House because it has always been a dream of mine to shoot a wedding there.

Another thing that got me really excited about Allison and Nick's wedding is that they only had about 12 people attending and I LOVE SMALL WEDDINGS. Have I ever shared that I want to have one? Because I do.

Anyway, it was COLLLLDDD as the Catskills tend to be in December, but that didn't stop this sweet sweet couple from having the wedding they wanted. It was intimate, light hearted, and oh so Christmasy. Enjoy!