Emily & Brandon | Maryland Elopement | Maryland Wedding | Small, Intimate Wedding

Emily & Brandon joined their families together on a cloudy day at the end of May. Present at their wedding was only their family members, and they wed at a home built in the 1700s that rests on a beautiful horse farm in Howard County, Maryland.

For their ceremony, Emily and Brandon thought of every detail, and it was meaningful to them and to their children. Brandon's son was the ring bearer, and Emily's eldest son walked her down the aisle. The girls had the most precious bouquets and flower crowns, and the giant but beautiful and graceful dog who lives on the property even processed down the aisle. The vows were unique and fun, and it was a perfect way to join their two families.

This property was a photographer's dream, and Emily & Brandon were all for using every inch of it! You'll find in this batch of photos a 1700s carriage, a 200 year old tree, a perfectly tree-lined driveway, a newborn horse, a hungry-for-boutonniere horse, some perfect greenery, and a John Deere tractor. Enjoy!