Melissa + Kyle | College Park, MD Wedding | 4/30/16

The past two weeks have been nothing but rain! You all might remember that two weekends ago, on Friday and Sunday it poured rain in the DC area all day. But, Saturday the 30th, as a special gift for Kyle and Melissa (and me!!) it somehow was clear all day, though the clouds were threatening! 

I had such a pleasant experience with this couple on their wedding day. The whole day was fun, laid back, and easy! Melissa put so much are into all the details of this day. She decorated the church, she made all the favors, and everything worked together so well. P.S. Their bouquets were ALL peonies. 

My favorite parts of the day were the addition of our portrait backdrop of the fire truck, which Kyle's station lent to us for a few minutes, and their wedding meal, which was BREAKFAST. Anyone who knows me know that I could not contain my excitement when I saw the caterers preparing a delicious breakfast buffet. Best idea ever. 

Congratulations, newlyweds!