Best of 2016 Weddings: Getting Ready and Details!

I thought I'd switch it up a little bit for my best of 2016 weddings blogs to keep us all on our toes, so I'm going to share different parts of the day! Starting us off is getting ready and details! 

I love the getting ready part of the day because there's an anxious, excited buzz in the air. It may be one of the more stressful times of the day, but I love being able to catch the moments of peace and anticipation, the bride drinking mimosas with her girls and the guys watching (or more often playing) sports. 

The details make the wedding unique and personal. All the decorations, the flowers, the jewelry, they all reflect who the bride and groom are and I love getting to know them personally in this way! I'm also a total sucker for flowers so that helps too. 

Here are some of my favorite getting ready moments and details from this 2016 wedding season!