Best of 2016 Weddings: Bride and Groom Portraits

Okay everyone, I've saved the best for last! No matter how much I love the other parts of the day, the bride and groom portraits are what make me love being a photographer, because this is where I feel like I really get to be an artist. 

My number one goal is just to make my couples feel comfortable in front of my camera! Everyone is the most beautiful person in the world on their wedding day, in my opinion, and I just want my couples to feel that! I try so hard to just let them enjoy this ONE quiet moment together on their day, and always ask them to try to pretend like I'm not there third wheeling with them. 

To finish out my best of 2016 series, here are these stunning brides and grooms! Wishing you all the best of 2017s, and if you are getting married this year, enjoy every moment!