Beth & Kenny | Camden Yards & Inner Harbor Engagement

Watch out ladies, your sports loving men are about to know exactly how they want their engagement photos done! 

This engagement shoot is by far the most unique I've done!
When I asked Beth where they were thinking about doing their shoot, she surprised me by saying Camden Yards! I was immediately excited, but also a little nervous, as it's so different from what I normally do!

Well, I did some research, and was quickly convinced that this shoot would be AWESOME. And it was. 

Beth and Kenny met an Orioles/Nationals game, and are both major Orioles fans (obviously.) He even proposed at Camden Yards, too! Being at the stadium when it was completely empty was a crazy, cool experience! Our awesome tour guide, Wayne, gave us the full run of the place to get all the shots we needed, in all the places that were important to Beth and Kenny! 

After we had our fill of Camden Yards, we spent some time at the Inner Harbor and Federal Hill to make sure we got some more traditional shots with some of the beautiful fall colors, and let me tell you, the light, the weather, the colors, everything was perfect. And the cherry on top? This beautiful couple who love each other enough that it comes across in every single image!

Enjoy looking through some of my favorites from the day!