Liz + Nelson | Baltimore, MD Wedding | 10/25/14

Couldn't think of a better way to inaugurate the blog section of my website than with Liz and Nelson's absolutely beautiful wedding!

I've always dreamed of getting married in the fall. I'm unashamed of my romance with fall colors, often perfect weather, and the decor. When Liz and Nelson approached me about photographing their wedding about a year ago, one of my first thoughts was that I might get to see some of what my own personal dream wedding might look like, and I did! 

Liz, with her mom and bridesmaids, started bright and early at a salon in Annapolis. My favorite moment of this part of their day was the album full of letters given to Liz from her bridesmaids and her mom and dad. What a sweet idea! 

Both the men and women took limo rides to the ceremony location and arrived in such style. 

Okay, so...the Gramercy Mansion. It's a dream. It pairs old, classic architecture and design, with grounds full of gardens and subtle decor around every corner. Oh, and the fall colors. To die for. You'll see. 

The men were tucked away downstairs working on tying their ties while the girls were upstairs helping to prep the bride. 

I should mention that these buttons lining the length of Liz's dress were real. So, her matron of honor and sister Lindsey got to button ALL of them. 

Now is the time of day where I get to steal the rings and the dress. Liz's ring, which Nelson designed himself, is perfect, as was her dress. Take a look! 

Liz and Nelson chose to write letters to each other to read before the ceremony. I LOVE this idea! I was only able to capture Liz reading her letter, but I imagine that Nelson had a similar reaction to her's. 

Another thing that Nelson and Liz incorporated into their day was a First Look before the Ceremony. Nelson waited patiently with his back turned while Liz made her way to him, and they were both nothing but smiles when it was finally time for him to turn around. 

Since Liz and Nelson saw each other before the ceremony, we got to do ALL the bridal party photos before as well. This makes the photographer and the guests happy! Like I said, fall colors plus these beautiful grounds made for some perfect bridal party photos. 

I have to share the pictures that this silly group of guys came up with first. 

I love how laid back this bridal party was. It made the whole process so fun. Take a look at what we came up with! 

With a late October outdoor wedding, the weather could do just about anything in Maryland. But this day, the weather couldn't have been better, and Liz and Nelson's ceremony started just as the sun began to set. 

It was a beautiful ceremony, short, sweet, and light hearted. Afterwards, the sunset lghting was to die for. There is no better lighting than sunset lighting. Ask anyone. So, I pulled Liz and Nelson aside to do a few with the sun setting behind them, and then we got to do all of the family photos with that light as well. It was perfect! 

As the sun set the party moved inside and Liz and Nelson had a beautiful, fun reception. Here's some highlights! 

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Nguyen!