Sierra's Dance Portfolio Session | Local Baltimore, MD Wedding and Portrait Photographer | Look At Those Feet!

I have known Sierra since middle school, and ever since then she has been a dancer force to be reckoned with! Sierra trained at The Baltimore School for the Arts and after a bad break to her foot her senior year, she took a little bit of a break from dance and went to Towson University, and now she is 100% back at it!

She is all power and grace, and no one can stop talking about her beautiful feet. When I saw that she was looking for a photographer, I wanted to all but beg her to choose me because I knew that not only would it be so much fun, that the portraits would be absolutely amazing, because she is amazing!

Dance photography is hard, y'all. I'm grateful to have a slight leg up (pun...intended?) on it because I was a dancer all throughout school as well! It's all timing and perspective, and I loved getting to hone in on those skills with Sierra. 
Enjoy some of my favorites from the day!