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Alright friends, I've got something really fun to share! This can be a LIFESAVER for all my wedding planning brides out there! 

There's a really fun company called Bridesmaid Gifts Boutique (<- Click!) that specializes in- you guessed it, Bridesmaid gifts! I know every bride always wants to do something really cute and thoughtful for her squad, but sometimes it's really hard to find just the right thing that is personal, fun, and doesn't break the bank! 

Bridesmaid Gift Boutique has so many different gifts to choose from, and they can all be personalized! They kindly sent me this adorable little clutch to give you guys a glimpse at what they can do. I love that this wallet is cute, neutral, and SO functional. It has plenty of room for all credit cards, license, health insurance, etc, PLUS the 8 million loyalty cards I carry around. It also has room for cash (for those who remember what that is) and I can even fit my phone into it!
(And monogram is aBc. #initialproblems) 

And one more thing about this awesome company, they have a brother site for Groomsmen Gifts! (<- Click!) You can check out a feature I did on their personalized flash by clicking that link.

Go forth and spoil your tribes!